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  Navigant Partners and BeyondBond Join Forces to Provide Specialized M&A Services to Commercial Real Estate and Structured Finance Industry

DALLAS, TEXAS, April 24, 2008


Navigant Partners, LLC announced today a new partnership with New York based BeyondBond, Inc. to provide fixed-income analytics and bond collateral due diligence services for commercial real estate and structured finance mergers and acquisitions. By combining structured finance analytics and due diligence services from BeyondBond with the merger and acquisition expertise of Navigant Partners, firms searching for overlooked and undervalued companies and portfolios will be able to efficiently assess platforms and assets.

Navigant Partners builds and significantly expands business platforms in the commercial real estate and financial services industry through mergers, acquisitions, and new business formation and expansion. BeyondBond specializes in providing business integration, real-time trading and information sharing, portfolio and risk management for the structured finance industry.

The partnership addresses the complexity of mergers and acquisition by managing the integration at the entity level all the way through to the management and trading of the bond assets themselves. This partnership gives clients a clear view of both entity level and bond collateral level due diligence, as well as an understanding of the potential sources of risk and value within an acquisition target.

"The structured finance segment of the commercial real estate industry has recently been seized up due to overall liquidity pressures. Many are starting to look through the landscape for companies and portfolios of assets that have been caught in this unfortunate liquidity squeeze. As the opportunistic and long term investors return, they will need a combination of structured finance analytics and merger and acquisition support to execute their plans. Many companies struggle to find an effective and integrated approach for managing the acquisition or integration at both the entity level and the traditional real estate bond level. Together with BeyondBond, we can give our clients the best fixed-income analytics along with our merger integration technology and resources to manage the acquisition and integration efforts . said Jim Vincent, Managing Partner of Navigant Partners.

"This union strengthens both company offerings by coupling the strengths and expertise of both firms. In combining resources and expertise, we are well positioned to excel in mergers and acquisitions within the structured finance marketplac,e said Ted Hong, CEO, BeyondBond.

About Navigant Partners

Navigant Partners builds and significantly expands business platforms in the commercial real estate and financial services industry through mergers, acquisitions, and new business formation and launch. More than an advisor or consultant - Navigant is an operating partner for companies building growth engines that bridge the gap from good strategy to functioning P&L.

Their network of operating partners are all senior level executives who understand what is needed to acquire and/or build high performance growth engines in real estate and finance. Each one has hands on experience building multi-million dollar growth engines in real estate and financial services for companies like GE Capital, Capital One Financial, Bank of New York and others. For more information please visit

About BeyondBond

BeyondBond is a leading financial solutions provider for the fixed income markets. Founded in 1999, BeyondBond is a privately held New York based corporation staffed by former investment bankers and software engineers with more than 100 years of combined experience in fixed income, mortgages and structured products. BeyondBond delivers some of the most advanced and comprehensive financial business and technology solutions for the fixed income securities and structured finance markets. For more information, please visit



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