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  6/3/2012 The Inauguration Meeting of IAITQM co-founded by Beyondbond has been successfully held at Omaha, Nebraska on June 3, 2012.
  5/6/2012 Beyondbond formed an alliance with EBizPrise, leader of supply chain technology in China to create a PO financing platform.
  4/24/2012 Beyondbond formed an alliance with M&A Leadership group to provide on-site and off-site online trainning class.
  4/22/2012 Dr. Hong and Mr. Lee published Reverse Mortgage research in Encyclopedia of Finance.
  9/20/2011 Nobel Laureate Professor R. Engle at NYU and Dr.Hong at Beyondbond were invited by China Management Society to speak in 2011 Annual conference at ChengDu, China
  7/6/2011 The 19th PBFEAM annual conference co-sponsored by Beyondbond was held in Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Hong spoke about the global wealth redistribution.
  4/19/2011 Dr. Hong was invited by CAS Management School to speak on fixed income markets.
  11/17/2010 BeyondBond and CAS Research Center Form a Joint Research Center “RiskLab”
  7/25/2010 The 18th PBFEAM annual conference co-sponsored by Beyondbond was held in Beijing, China. Dr. Hong spoke about the post financial crisis securitization trend
  7/16/2010 Dr. Ted Hong invited by TABF to give a public speech to Taiwanese banking industry regarding the global wealth redistribution and securitization outlook
  6/22/2010 Beyondbond's Participation at SIFMA 2010 TMC Conference
  3/23/2010 Dr. Ted Hong commemted on the CMBS markets for the insurance industry
  1/19/2010 Beyondbond Co-sponsored NYTFA Entrepreneur Series Event
  11/17/2009 Professor Robert Engle and Dr. Ted Hong were invited by TSE and UST to speak at 2009 Global Economic and Financial Master Forum at Taiwan and met with Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou
  3/20/2009 Beyondbond issues a Loan Modification White Paper with a 'bottom up' loan-by-loan simulation approach
  2/24/2009 Beyondbond issues a support statement of Rep. Conyers' WSJ Opinion,
  12/1/2008 Professor Robert Engle, 2003 Nobel Laureate in Economics, and Dr. Ted Hong, Beyondbond's President, were invited by NYFTA & FSC to give speeches
  11/17/2008 Beyondbond's President, Ted Hong, presented his research paper in Rutgers University
  9/14/2008 Beyondbond at the 26th World Chinese Traders Convention
  6/10/2008 Beyondbond's Participation at SIFMA TMC Conference
  6/4/2008 Beyondbond co-sponsored SoFiE Inaugural Conference 2008 with NYU
  4/24/2008 Navigant Partners and BeyondBond Join Forces to Provide Specialized M&A Services to Commercial Real Estate and Structured Finance Industry
  2/23/2008 Dr. Ted Hong presented The Rise and fall of Subprime and CDO at the 7th RISK MANAGEMENT AND FINANCIAL SUPERMARKET CONFERENCE
  6/11/2007 Dr. Ted Hong was invited by Peking University to give two speeches regarding the securitization financial engineering
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