Music Digital Services


Our Mission

We are a certified YouTube partner. We assist songwriters to collect mechanical royalties from YouTube. Utilizing our advanced technology, we can accurately identify metadata to ensure that songwriters receive proper and timely payments. Moreover, our system enables us to retrieve previous revenue and guarantee future payments for songwriters. Our overall focus centers around the creation, management, and distribution of music for our valued clients.

Digital Services

Our goal is to make the collection of songwriting royalties easily accessible to creators who are due what they’ve worked hard to create, regardless of where they are located.


We aim to enhance songwriting careers and expand catalogs through both online and offline branding strategies. In addition to digital management, we specialize in live events and integrated brand partnerships.


Through our Songwriting Workshop events, we organize co-writing opportunities specifically located in New York City, and continuing to expand internationally. We provide talented songwriters with a unique chance to create original compositions tailored for a wide range of media placements.


Originally founded in 1999, Beyondbond worked with talented creators with exceptional songwriting skills. Over time, our scope expanded to encompass live events management and artist representation. With a profound admiration for the art of songwriting and a sincere regard for those who pursue it, we firmly believe in embracing new digital platforms and distribution channels. Through our direct partnerships with digital streaming platforms, such as YouTube, we have introduced heightened transparency to royalty payments, ensuring that creators receive the rightful compensation they deserve.

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